Send Shipment Worldwide - Free pickup

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ทย / ENG |Document Parcel Express Co., Ltd.

Send Shipment Worldwide – Free pickup
+1(331) 642 0337
ทย / ENG |Document Parcel Express Co., Ltd.

Domestic Delivery and Distribution Center (DC) Service provides door-to-door domestic delivery service for both document and parcel. We pickup the shipment from your door and deliver to door to the consignee’s address in every province in United States. also provides Distribution Center (DC) Service. You can use as your warehouse for consolidating goods from your suppliers either by informing to pickup the goods from your suppliers or informing each of your suppliers to deliver the goods to warehouse. After receiving the goods, can pick & pack the shipment as per your request, and then distribute the shipment to your branches or your end customers nationwide.

Currently, there are many customers who use Distribution Center (DC) Service to distribute their shipments nationwide, for example:

10610 Newkirk St #206, Dallas, TX 75220, United States

Email:, Telephone Number: +1 (707) 234 5997

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